Bull Leasing Services Ltd » Leasing service bulls to dairy farmers throughout the Waikato, New Zealand.

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How it Works

To order bulls, please call 0800 28 55 48 to speak to Roger, or email bullleasing@gmail.com . We recommend doing this as far in advance as possible so that we are able to source suitable stock for you & ensure we are able to supply them in time.

Before they come to you, we will ensure that the bulls are all BVD and TB tested, as well as double vaccinated and fit for the job.

Closer to the date, we will be back in touch to confirm that the date is still suitable and arrange transport. We work with a range of truck companies to get bulls to where they need to be.

We will hand pick suitable bulls for you, based off the information you have provided. Big bulls, small bulls, specific ages and breeds, we can sort it. We only send out the quietest bulls, to ensure the safety of ourselves handling the bulls and the safety of you and your team.

We will get the selected bulls on the truck to you and delivered to your requested address ready for mating. We will send your invoice after you have received the bulls, with payment due the 20th of the month following.

If the bulls go lame, are injured or you are unhappy with your bulls for any reason, we offer a replacement guarantee and can arrange a swap for a new bull.

Once they’ve done the job and you’re ready to send them back to us, get in touch with us and the truckies to arrange a return day.

Angus bulls enjoying the feed and sunshine on our farm in between lease seasons.