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Frequently Asked Questions

Why lease bulls instead of purchasing them?
When you lease bulls you have peace of mind. We have free swaps available, giving you back up bulls should you require them for any reason. While we ask our customers to maintain high standards of animal welfare, our stock are insured against death, so no cost to you if one of your lease bulls passes away in cases of injury, illness or other circumstances. In addition to this, you only need to keep lease bulls for the mating season, saving on grazing costs in winter.

Where can you lease bulls to?
We lease bulls out all over the Waikato region and beyond, and are happy to discuss leasing to outside of the area. We are centrally located, 25 minutes west of Huntly, and just 50 minutes to Hamilton or Pukekohe, and have stock going as far south as Turangi, some to Kawhia, some near Coromandel, up to Karaka and Waiuku.

What does your lease price include?
All bulls are TB and BVD tested, double vaccinated, and includes a replacement guarantee where we will swap bulls in the event of injury, lameness or if you are otherwise unhappy with your stock. All bulls have been drenched and are assessed for health by Gavin & Kelly prior to being sent out to ensure that they are fit for the job.

How long can we lease the bulls for?
Most clients get their bulls for Spring mating from the end of September/start of October for heifers, or end of October/start of November for herd, and keep them until the end of December/January. Lease dates are flexible and we are happy to discuss your individual requirements.

We require bulls for Autumn mating. Can you help?
Absolutely. We have bulls available year round, and are happy to arrange lease bulls at any time of the year. We have options available for just Autumn, just Spring or both depending on your needs.

What breeds of bulls are available?
The main breeds we offer are Jerseys, Friesians, Angus, Herefords and Murray Greys, with the occasional Belted Galloway or Ayrshire depending on if we can source them and the demand from clients. If you would like a different breed, we are happy to discuss. Roger has built an extensive network of contacts throughout New Zealand and will do his best to source bulls to suit your needs.

I have very small heifers or very tall cows. Can you send me larger or smaller bulls than usual?
Absolutely. If you let us know what sort of stock you are wanting the bulls for, we do our best to match you with the most suitable bulls for the job. We have yearlings through to rising three year olds of a variety of weights and heights so we have a good range available to suit most farms. If you are unhappy with the bulls you have been sent, we offer free swaps for larger/smaller bulls etc.

We just need one bull. Is that possible?
Yes it is possible, and we do lease single bulls to a few clients. However keep in mind that bulls are generally easier to handle and happier when being sent out with a buddy, so we prefer to send two or more together. This also gives you a back up in the event that your bull goes lame etc so you aren’t left without a bull while waiting for a swap. Because we personally select all bulls to go out to lease, we are able to select the bulls most suitable to go to lease by themselves and give you the best possible match.

We need a large number of bulls. Can you do this?
Absolutely, we regularly lease out large numbers to clients. We do our best to ensure all bulls are from the same mob so are buddies and easy to handle, and each bull is checked before being sent out. Contact Roger and have a chat about your herd size and he is happy to advise how many bulls he would recommend for the job.

What cartage options are available?
We work with a wide range of transport companies to get bulls to farmers. We mostly use Te Akau Transport, Andy Smith, On Road Transport and Wright Transport. If you have a specific company you prefer to use, we are happy to work in with them. The transport company will contact you prior to the bulls arriving at your place.

I have some bulls for sale. Are you interested?
We are always on the look out for more bulls to purchase, particularly of the beef breeds. If you have some bulls for sale, please call Roger on 0800 28 55 48 or email bullleasing@gmail.com and he would be happy to discuss.