Bull Leasing Services Ltd » Leasing service bulls to dairy farmers throughout the Waikato, New Zealand.

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Animal Welfare

We believe that animal welfare is the number one most important aspect of farming, and do everything in our power to ensure all animals on the farm are properly cared for.

We regularly check the stock on our farm year-round to watch out for any signs of lameness, injury or other health concerns. They are grass fed, with silage and/or hay provided over winter as needed. We also have a strong relationship with our vets to ensure we are up to date with vaccinations, drenching etc and that we are following best practice for animal welfare. All bulls are checked over for any health issues both before and after going out on lease to ensure all stock is fit and healthy, and we encourage respectful handling practices of all stock. All bulls are TB and BVD tested, and BVD vaccinated. We also provide a replacement guarantee so that if any bulls come up lame or are injured etc while out on lease, they can come back to us to recover and a fresh bull is sent out.

Jersey Bulls enjoying their hay on a winters day

We use a team of working dogs to move stock around the farm safely and efficiently. When no longer fit to work long hours on the farm, our dogs enjoy the retired life at home for the remainder of their days. Many of our dogs sleep indoors every night, and they have warm, clean and waterproof housing when outdoors. When not working, the dogs enjoy the pet life – exploring the farm, playing fetch as well as regular adventures off the farm for bush and beach walks. We often have foster dogs staying with us on the farm who have been saved from the pound or surrendered by the owners for rehoming.

Some of our team of working and retired working dogs. Gypsy (cattle dog X in centre) was here on foster after her original owner retired from farming and has since found a great home as a pet dog in Hamilton.